04 July 2021

Sunday 4 July 2021, two groups of walkers from Mid-Tipp Hillwalkers headed to the Galtees, on two different walks and in very unseasonal July weather.

“A” Walk
Eoin Wolahan led the A walk starting from Coolagarranoe (near Glengarra Wood entrance). Taking a dirt track route up by the forestry towards An Grianan, this route was five to six kilometers long with a steep ascent to reach the Cairn (O’Loughlin’s Castle). The group had lunch at “the castle”, with mist and rain very prevalent throughout the walk. After lunch they took a bearing of 278 degrees and went to the coll near Galtybeg and then went to the “dark road” which took them to the location to climb up Knockeenatoung before returning to their cars. Total ascent 641m, Length 13 km, an enjoyable day of walking.

“B” Walk
Twenty five hillwalkers participated in the B walk. The group, which was led by Eddie Morrissey, started in Glengarra Wood and followed the Burncourt river to the base of Galtybeg. They climbed Galtybeg in weather that tested the rain gear. As the weather wasn’t suitable for outdoor dining at the summit they descended to the peat banks near the Black Road for lunch. The showers on the way back to the cars didn’t dampen the spirits of the group who enjoyed all the challenges that the day provided.