04 JUNE 2021

Friday 4 June 2021 we parked at Bishopswood Dundrum. We headed up to the gamekeepers lodge which is about 1 km from the car park has been taken over by the Boy Scouts Association and has been turned into a National Boy Scout Centre. There is no specific trail in Dundrum woods but the area has an extensive forest road network giving the group plenty of scope for walking. The group enjoyed a lovely evening and even though the rain threatened it held off. Thanks everyone for heading out and making it an enjoyable evening.

Walking is a great way to improve or maintain your overall health? Just 30 minutes every day can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance. Unlike some other forms of exercise, walking is free and doesn’t require any special equipment or training. Walking is the easiest way to get moving, get active and fit with friends and to have a chat & a laugh.

For walk Friday 11 June 2021 book in with Tina 0863565134 before Wednesday 9 June for details of location etc.