06 Feb 2022

The A walk was led by Ollie Walsh. Five walkers headed off on a blustery but very good walking day. They parked their cars at the Lady Gregory pub at the East end of the Galtees. They had a pacey 16k walk to Slievenard where they enjoyed a leisurely lunch. On their return they bumped into the Mid Tipp C group who took their only photo for the day. They then headed for the trig point on Tullanebane and on to their cars.

13 C walkers parked at Scarragh Woods in the East Galtees. Walk led by Eileen Ryan They had very windy weather but excellent visibility and not much rain. They started on the Scarragh Woods Red Loop, then headed west across the open mountain to the trig point on NE Slievenard also known as Tulllanebane. They had lunch there in the shelter of a cairn. They then crossed to another cairn where they were surprised to bump into the A group! From there they took a track beside the forestry, crossed a steep valley and small stream where a gate led them back into Scarragh Woods. They then followed the Red Loop back to their cars. A few of the group took a short detour to see Lissava Metholithic tomb which the info board told them was over 6000 years old!