08 Mar 2020

Dan Condren led A walk and group of 8 did a circuit from the Nire Valley carpark, Going up the Nose in Coumfea, crossing to Coumtay and finding the Seanbhean ag Cathamh Tabac smoking spectacularly, before returning via the new boardwalk.

A group of eighteen hillwalkers, led by Eddie Morrissey, headed for Glengarra Woods for a B walk. The group followed the Burncourt river upstream to the ridge above the Borheen Lough. From there they climbed Galtee Beag where lunch was enjoyed in the shelter of a few well placed rocks. They descended from there and crossed the Burncourt river as they made their way back to the cars. The group had a ‘Lotto’ fun and felt like they were on a ‘Winning Streak’ between the showers.

This coming Sunday (Mar 15) A and C walks leave from opposite the fire station in Cashel at 10am.

For information including membership and clothing or gear required visit the website under Sunday Walks or visit our Facebook page for photos from walks or call Denise Laffan at (087) 925 3049 for any query re walks.