11 Feb 2018

Walking in a winter wonderland was the order of the day for the 3 groups out on Sunday 11th Feb.

The A group of 9 hardy souls led by Matt Joy took on the wintry conditions of the Galty Mountains from the northern side. They made their way up the “Ice Road” to Lough Curra in all its winter glory, following a brief pause to absorb the beautiful scenery as they made their way up the ramp, the going was steady and they soon broke out on top to beautiful sunshine. On their approach to Galtymore and lunch they traversed below the summit to avoid the ferocious wind. After lunch they “danced on ice” as they made their way to Galtybeg here they were pummelled by wind, hail,snow and sleet making navigation difficult. They made their way down the Gated steps before letting the “inner child” loose and sliding down the slopes on their bums to the lowlands full of the joys of a truly wonderful winter experience

7 walkers braved the elements on the B walk led by Dick Hennessy up to Lake Muskry The walk proceeded up towards Greenane in beautiful sunshine with lots of snow underfoot. On returning to Knockstaicen the weather suddenly changed to blizzard conditions which forced the walk back on to the outward track . The winter scenery was panoramic and the walk was enjoyed by all.

The Sunday Ramble group of 9 headed to Dundrum Woods Bishopswood. It was their first Ramble to Dundrum and it was so special to see the trees covered in their veil of white and the thick blanket of snow underfoot. The sound of the crunch as they walked was music to their ears. Weatherwise they had sunshine and heavy snowfall so much as they retraced their earlier footsteps their footprints had been covered over. After 2.5 hours of a ramble the group felt they had truly experienced an unique walk in west Tipperary again only half hour from Thurles.