13 May 2018

Sunday 13th May 2018, Eoin Wolahan led the A walk in the Galtee mountains. They started from the hostel in Glengarra Wood. The weather was ideal for walking, sunny and dry but not too warm. They walked to Greenane and on to Loughlin’s Castle, where they stopped for lunch. They had spectacular views throughout their walk. From there they walked to the foot of Galtybeg before heading for the “black road”. They made their way back to the cars walking parallel to Knockeenatoung and through magnificent woodlands. It was a most enjoyable walk.

John G O’Dwyer led the C walk and they headed to Lake Muskry. Lake Muskry Walk is a lovely walking route around the shores of Lough Muskry at the foothills of the Galtees. In fabulous walking conditions the group of 10 enjoyed the circuit around the lake. Lake Muskry is a beautiful gem hidden among the Galtee Mountains. Surrounded by glorious mountains, getting to Lake Muskry and back takes just over 3 hours on foot. The walk to this lake is the perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday.