14 Jan 2018

Bridget Brown had 11 on the A walk. Did Cush and Galty Beag in very challenging conditions. Ultra windy going up Cush made for slow going, very bad on summit so didn’t hang around. Also misty so hoods up most of day. Less windy going up GBeag but no visibility. Lunch there then took the steep climb down and out by the Clydagh river. A little over 4 hours.

Kate Fahey took the B walk and had 13 on walk, weather conditions typical wet windy January day on hills but all enjoyed walk, out for four and half hours. Route in Lough Muskry track, uphill west of lake returning over Knockastakeen.

The Sunday Ramble group of 17 headed to Crag Loop Grange. Lovely dry day little dull but super walking. It was a first visit to Grange for a few of the group and on reaching Wellington Tower they climbed the staircase but as dull day views limited. A return visit on the list definitely required later in the year. On completing the loop we dropped into Josephine in Hogans for beautiful fresh scones and a cuppa. A great chance to catch up and start 2018 Rambles in a fab local walking area only half hour from Thurles.