15 Oct 2020 Mountaineering Ireland Covid 19 Update

15 Oct 2020
Based on Mountaineering Ireland’s interpretation of current government advice under the sports training section of the Framework for Living with Covid-19 for both Level 3 and Level 4 their advice still stands; that hillwalking and climbing can continue within your own county only, once group sizes are kept small, ideally less than 10, and should not exceed 15.

Although a group size of 15 is permitted, it may be preferred to go in smaller groups for ease of parking and group management etc.

Hillwalkers and climbers should maintain physical distance at all times; before, during and after activity. Car-pooling is not advised. Please observe travel restrictions as they apply where you live.

They would encourage those of you who are lucky enough to be able to continue to enjoy hillwalking and climbing within your county to play your part in limiting the transmission of COVID-19 and the need for further restrictions by acting responsibly when hillwalking and climbing to help keep us all safe and active.

Please continue to refer to their guidance:


and continue to reiterate key points below to all members:

Walk and climb within own county.
Keep 2m apart at all times, even outdoors!
Keep group sizes small, ideally 10 or less, and no more than 15.
Keep your number of contacts as low as possible. Where possible walk and climb with the same small group.
Stay at home if you feel unwell, are awaiting test results or have tested positive.
Carry a face mask and hand sanitizer.
Carpooling with people outside of your household is not recommended.

Mountaineering Ireland will continue to engage with Sport Ireland and will adjust their guidelines based on any further advice given.

Stay safe and enjoy the outdoors responsibly.