18 July 2021

On Sunday 18 July 2021 in very warm conditions yesterday, Mid-Tipp held three walks.

The Ramble
It was off to the bog for the Sunday Ramble this week. Starting on the Templetuohy side, the group followed the old Bordnamona railway line to cross the bog to the Derra fada side. There was beautiful nature all around; the lakes and the burst of new growth, wild flowers and of course the bog cotton. To the delight of the group, we got to enjoy a Swan family taking a walk before heading to the water for a much needed cool down! As this line continues for miles, the group walked for over an hour and turned to retrace their steps back to their cars. Because of the intense heat, all were glad to be back – a good day at the bog and not one sod of turf to be seen amongst us.

B Walk
The “B” walk headed for the Galtees. Led by Ray Creaney they went in by Jim Finns knoll, up to Knockanus and explored the various features available and then over to the top of the ramp for lunch. Return journey was down the ramp and followed out the river. Many thanks to the 18 walkers who came out to enjoy a walk on the hottest day yet.

A Walk
Dick Hennessy led the A walk. Due to the very high temperatures, it was decided to take a shorter walk than planned. After parking in Ballydavid Wood, the group of 8 headed up to the phone mast and then up towards Sturakeen. The walkers were delighted with a pleasant southern breeze in very warm conditions. Lunch was enjoyed in the shade under Pierces Rock and they proceeded down, keeping Penders Stream on the left. A very enjoyable walk in testing conditions.