24 Oct 2021

Denise Laffan led a group of 9 on A walk. Starting at Kings Yard, they headed up by Knocknagalty, onto Knockduff. On reaching the ridge, the group decided to have lunch at the stone wall as it provided great shelter from the wind, which had really picked up. The group then headed towards Galtymore but because of the high winds skirted under it and headed back down by a tributary river of the Attychcrann. It was a beautiful autumn day to be out.

Winnie Flynn lead a group of 24 on B walk, also from King’s Yard. They did Templehill, and the fog came and went showing some amazing views when it cleared. They had lunch on the summit where they sang happy birthday to a new walker, Paul Burke. They then descended and walked out by Pigeonrock Glen. Lots of laughs, great day had by all. Thanks to Tom Lysaght for doing back marker for Winnie.