Dolomites trip, August 2017

Congratulations to the 19 club members who have just returned from a successful and enjoyable week in Dolomites in North East Italy.  A branch of the Alps, these mountains present walking and climbing challenges at all levels.  One of the highlights of the trip was the ascent of Marmolada, at 3353m, the highest peak in the range.  Eleven of the party set out in the early morning, crossing the seriously crevassed glacier to reach the summit at mid-day.  Via Ferratas were also a memorable highlight of the trip, with every member of the party climbing at least one.  These are metal ropes attached to the steep mountainsides, originally installed a hundred years ago during the First World War when the Austrian and Italian armies fought each other in this region.  The ropes were originally to assist the armies to reach high ground for gun emplacements, but have now become very popular with adventurous hill-walkers.  Throughout the area, we came across many tunnels and gun positions dug out of the mountains at that time.  Other highlights were the first day’s walk led by Ollie Walsh, a ridge walk led by Mick Fewer, Willie Fahey taking a group across the Sella massif, including Piz Boe, its highest point, Mary Power taking a group to the summit of Sassongher, and Josephine Tobin leading a lovely walk taking in Alpine meadows above the beautiful town of Corvara where we stayed.   Weather was lovely, the accommodation was excellent and evening times were a great time to relax, compare notes and have a bit of craic generally.  Overall, a great success.