Club Constitution

Mid Tipp Hillwalkers



1.0        TITLE

1.1          The club shall be called Mid Tipp Hillwalkers, hereinafter referred to as “the club”

2.0        OBJECTIVES

2.1          To facilitate and encourage people to enjoy the outdoors safely by participating in hillwalking, climbing and outdoor activities and events organised by the club

2.2          To encourage members to develop their mountaineering skills and to become leaders having attended training organised by the training officer or other organisations

2.3          To encourage members to respect the terrain, obey signage and not leave litter of any description after them, and also to encourage awareness of the Mountaineering Ireland guidelines in relation to the environment

3.0        EXPENSES

3.1          All personal expenses incurred by people participating in club activities shall be their own responsibility

4.0        MEMBERSHIP

4.1          The club shall consist of (in order of importance) walkers, leaders, officers and a steering committee.

4.2          Membership of the club shall only be open to individuals who recognise that hillwalking and climbing are activities with a danger or personal injury or death.  Members shall be aware of and accept these risks and agree to be responsible for their own.

4.3          Members, and those wishing to participate in club activities, shall satisfy the activity leader/s that they have the required level of fitness to attempt the activity and that their footwear and clothing is in the opinion of the leader/s adequate for the activity. The leader/s reserve the right to permit or deny participation in an activity.  Leaders are not responsible for the personal safety of participants in activities.

4.4          Membership fee is €10, or such fee as shall be determined at the AGM.


5.1          The AGM of the club shall be held in September each year or within a 2 week period immediately prior to or immediately after September

5.2          The secretary shall notify members one month in advance of the date and venue for the AGM

5.3          To be eligible to vote at AGM/EGM a member must have paid his/her membership fee prior to May 1st in the current year

5.4          Nominations for position as an officer or member of the steering committee, or items for inclusion on the agenda should be submitted to the secretary at least 15 days prior to the AGM, and communicated to the members at least 7 days before the AGM

5.5          Alterations to the constitution may only be made at an annual general meeting or extraordinary general meeting.

5.6          The chairperson shall take the chair. If the chairperson is unavoidably absent the chair for the meeting shall be taken by the treasurer or, in his/her absence, by another member of the steering committee, nominate from those present.

5.7          The secretary shall keep minutes of the AGM. If the secretary is unavoidably absent a secretary for the meeting shall be selected

5.8          Decisions taken shall be by simple majority vote and the chairperson shall have an extra casting vote

5.9          A quorum shall consist of 3 elected officers and 6 members

5.10        The business of the AGM shall include:

Election of chairperson, secretary and treasurer

Election of training officer, environmental officer, walks organiser, PRO/s and any alteration to existing officer positions plus the addition of a new officer/s.

Election of steering committee

Review steering committee decisions and proposals

Review of last year’s activities and activities planned for the next year

Treasurer’s report

Review of the membership fee

Any other business

5.11        The chairperson, secretary or treasurer is not expected to hold such position for more than 3 consecutive years


6.1          The steering committee should comprise of the chairperson and not more than 4 other members. The committee should meet regularly to discuss pertinent issues relevant to the ongoing running of the club and make changes which they deem necessary.  Changes made by the committee on future policy proposals should be discussed for ratification at the next AGM.   The committee may co-opt a club member during the course of the year.

7.0        DISSOLUTION

7.1          A motion to dissolve the club must be signed by 50% of the membership and submitted in advance to the secretary in accordance with 5.4 above.

7.2          If the resolution is passed the chairperson, secretary and treasurer or others agreed at the general meeting must discharge all liabilities of the club and any remaining assets must be given to a charity/s nominated at the general meeting.


Ratified at EGM, 31 January 2017