Rock climbing season begins

Our rock-climbing season in Ballykeefe Amphitheatre this year begins this coming Tuesday, 09 May.  Ballykeefe contains one of the finest quarry climbing walls in the country, with sport and trad climbs at all levels.  Departure point (weather permitting) is from opposite the Horse & Jockey Hotel on Tuesday evenings at 6.15pm.  New climbers are welcome (we do have some spare equipment for those new to the activity, but they may need to share it with others during the evening).  While we do not offer formal training, we will introduce newcomers to the use of basic climbing gear, safety, and climbing techniques.

Rock Climbing takes place in Ballykeefe Amphitheatre every Tuesday evening during the summer.  There is climbing suitable for all levels, with instruction in safe practice for all.

During the summer months there will be exciting opportunities for club members to climb some of the finest ridges in Ireland – e.g. Howling, Curved, FM, etc. 

We will also have our annual visit to the Burren for climbing and caving.  This is always a great day out