Jan 7 2018

Sunday 7th January 2018 the ‘A’ walk led by Willie Fahey enjoyed a high mountain walk in the Knockmealdons. The group of 12 suitably dressed for the season. It was a glorious day for walking and lunch was had in sunshine with beautiful views into Waterford, Cork and Limerick.

A group of twelve walkers enjoyed a circuit of the eastern Galtees on a ‘C’ walk led by Eddie Morrissey. The group headed out from the edge of Ballydrehid Wood, overlooking Cahir, and completed a four hour circuit around Slieveanard. The group had lunch in glorious sunshine on the north eastern peak of Slieveanard (449m) and enjoyed panoramic views of the Galtees, Knockmealdowns, Comeraghs, Slievenamon and much more. The New Year resolutions were suspended temporarily as some of the group enjoyed a few guilt free ‘Roses’ and indeed some ‘Celebrations’ for dessert. The downhill return trip was a ‘barrel’ of fun as the group returned to the cars with the sun setting behind the Galtees and on a very pleasant start to the new walking year.