Club Programme 2024

Mid Tipperary Hillwalkers
Programme of activities 2024

1. Sunday Walks 2024
The club has five grades of Sunday walks, A, B, B+ and C walks in mountain terrain and Sunday Rambles mostly on track. A, B, B+ & C walks leave from in Cashel at 10am. The meeting point for rambles is notified in advance. There are walks most Sundays of the year. Exceptions are July and August, and the weekends of the Spring and Autumn Challenges.
• A Walks every second Sunday (except July/August)
These are high level walks of approx.4-5½ hours duration, leaving Cashel at 10am every second Sunday. They will take in the highest summits and may include some scrambling or easy / moderate gullies.
• B Walks same Sundays as A walks (except July/August)
These are hill walks of 4-5 hours duration on mountain terrain, perhaps reaching high peaks but at a slower pace than the A walks.
• B+ Walks every second Sunday (alternate to the A & B walks, except July & August)
These are hill walks of 4-5½ hours duration on mountain terrain. The pace is between that of the A and B walks. They leave from Cashel at 10am every second Sunday (alternate to the A & B walks)
• C Walks same Sundays as B+ walks (except July/August)
These are hill walks of 3-4 hours duration on mountain terrain but will not be aiming for high mountain summits.
• Sunday Rambles every fourth week, January-December
Sunday Rambles are low-level walks, mostly on forest track, and are approx. 2-2½ duration, and take place every fourth Sunday. The meeting point for each walk is notified in advance.
Other Sunday activities
• Gullies:
Occasionally on a Sunday, an additional walk taking in a challenging gully will be organised. This will require helmet and harness (which it may be possible to borrow) and may involve rope-work.
• July/August Sundays
There will be no regular Sunday walks (except rambles) from Cashel after the end of June to September. Instead, walks may be organised to different parts of the country (e.g., Kerry, Wicklow, Galway etc). If any club member would like to organise or lead any such walk, or has an idea for such a walk, please let us know.

2. Friday Night Walks (May – August)
These are low-level walks, mostly on forest track. Meeting point is usually at the starting point of the walks, mostly at 7pm, and is notified in advance.
3. Family friendly Walks
The club may organise family friendly walks, similar to the Holly Walk, during the summer months depending on demand.
4. New Walkers
New walkers are always welcome to come along and join us. Just bring walking boots, suitable clothes and a packed lunch. A change of clothes and particularly footwear for after the walk is also strongly advised. You are advised that hill-walking carries risks and that every walker is responsible for their own safety. The leader’s responsibility is simply to lead the walk. We hope that you enjoy the experience and will come again. On the third walk, we would ask you to become a member of the club by paying the €45 annual membership fee.
Foreign Trips / Other Trips
As the club has so many members, no single trip open to all club members will be organised. However, groups of members may wish to organise trips, and the steering committee will lend whatever expertise they have.
5. Night Walk
A night hill-walk will take place on a Friday night in February. It will depend on the weather forecast so a decision will be made in mid-week, and everyone will then be notified.
6. Holly Walk
December 2024. Under 18s are welcome on this walk but must be accompanied and supervised by a parent/guardian. A consent form must also be signed by a parent/guardian.
7. Long Walks Sunday
Longer walks at A and B levels and a longer ramble will be held on the 30th June to mark the final Sunday of walking before the summer break.
8. Training in leadership, safety and navigation
The club will organise a course in navigation for members in spring 2024.
9. Litter Pick
After last year’s very successful litter-pick, another will be organised in the spring 2024.
10. Spring Challenge, April 12-14 April 2024
This year’s Spring Challenge will head to the Le Mon Hotel, Belfast. If you wish to be on the mailing list for the event, please contact .